Maritim Fjordhotel

Maritim Fjordhotel was built in 1980 and is located along the river in Flekkefjord. The hotel is a central part of the cityscape, and is an ideal choice for hollidays, conferences, events, grouptrips etc. The hotel was totally renovated in 2019/2020. In a few minutes you can experience the small-town charm with old houses, narrow streets and different shops. Flekkefjord is a beautiful place to visit, with lot of exciting activities, cultural happenings and experiences. Welcome to Flekkefjord and Maritim Fjordhotel!
Food & Beverage

Welcome to Elva Bistro

Elva Bistro has an à la carte menu with a rich selection of small and large dishes. Both the bistro and bar have a fantastic location along the river.

Activites & Experiences

Southern Norway is often called "the Norwegian Riviera". Its easy to understand why when you see the shimmering sea, beautiful beaches, narrow streets, stunning harbors and white wooden houses. Flekkefjord is a small picturesque southern town midway between Kristiansand and Stavanger. The extraordinary nature and unique attractions make a visit to our city an experience of a lifetime.